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Executive Coaching

Just as athletes use techniques to improve performance, professionals have been using Executive Coaching to improve all aspects of business management in relation to their personal lives. This type of coaching is often sought out by corporations as it is a financially feasible solution in comparison to cost of staff turnover. Coaching for individual professionals is entirely focused increasing positive attributes as a manager and/or leader and promoting their effective in the workplace as a whole!

How will Executive Coaching benefit me?

Executive Coaching is designed to pave the path for success by assessing your effectiveness as a professional and identifying areas of growth. It can benefit you in many ways depending on why you are choosing to work with us in the first place. For example, many busy professionals seek coaching to improve their work-life balance, reduce the stress in relation to workloads and time management, as well as improve communication, strategy development, leadership and effective decision making. Furthermore, this type of coaching brings new insights when it comes to prioritization and redefining failure. The goals for professionals also include organization, productivity, confidence and leadership. If you are not performing at the level you would like to be at in terms or financial projects or at the workplace, executive coaching is for you! 

Did you know...

All of the greatest achievers in the world have coaches! People who are tremendously wealthy like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have coaches. Top tier athletes, have top tier coaches. The most recognized actors/actresses and vocalists also have coaches. Even coaches have coaches, just as therapists also have their own therapists! There is always room for improvement and growth, this is concept is widely accepted and known amongst the most successful individuals in the  entrepreneurial community. 

What is your business experience like?

I bring my experience as a business strategist and consultant to my executive coaching practice. Specifically, I have had multiple successful career transitions and rebranding contracts in the retail, hotel and fitness industry. My primary role in these rebrandings where to assist new management teams into settling and excelling in their positions and restructuring operations. In my experience, the strategies that were the most successful for both individuals and teams were cognitive behavioural therapy in the workplace, mindfulness techniques for reducing work related-stress as well as organizational training. I have also held a contract with the Service Alberta Branch of the Government of Alberta. My role during that time was to examine the operations of the IT departments and to negotiate terms between service providers whom we held contracts with such as Microsoft and Oracle. My executive coaching experience includes working with professionals from various industries through all stages of their careers! Currently I am the Program Director of a Children's Developmental Facility in Edmonton!

Who I've Worked With

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