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- Veronika

My name is Veronika, I grew up and reside in Edmonton, Alberta with my immediate family members who immigrated from Poland. I have made it my mission in life to help improve people’s mindsets for their own success and control over themselves by becoming a professional life coach. My whole life I felt like an observer constantly learning from othe​rs and aiming to not repeat other’s mistakes. Of the dozens of industries I have worked in, and thousands of people I have worked with, I collectively began to understand how most people think and what leads them to their downfall. It suddenly dawned on me that everyone is going through some form of mental struggle or trauma, however those who are successful simply have better coping strategies in regards to the challenges they face or have a stronger support system. I am specifically aiming to help people who generally have a hard time dealing with themselves, their thoughts, creating changes and turning ideas into a reality, or those who simply function on autopilot.


"Everyday I aim to empower and help people grow beyond themselves, and achieve a life they now KNOW is possible!"

My myriad of challenges in life such as poverty, debt, low income employment and serious medical difficulties consistently gave me the clarity to see that the one thing that made it harder to deal with those challenges was the lack of control over myself, my mind and my thoughts. Once I learned how to gain a positive attitude and challenge my own negative beliefs, life suddenly became easier. Simply living and experiencing everyday life became easier to deal with mentally, which allowed to begin to dive into my deeper issues. I began the process of deconstructing my own inner dialogue and thoughts and gained nearly full control over my mind to the point where I trained my self-dialogue to be my everyday cheerleader instead of holding me back. My newfound confidence allowed me to finally ask for what I was entitled to as an individual, an employee, a daughter and a girlfriend, and set the standards for how my life was going to play out and not be a victim of circumstance. Was this an easy process? Absolutely not, if anything it was time consuming and took years to achieve however one positive change created a domino effect into what I have now. I often tell my clients I would not exchange anything for the mental strength I have achieved.

If you have any questions about me, my personal or work experience, please do not hesitate to contact me via this website or by email! My Youtube channel and Instagram page is also dedicated to self-improvement and sharing my experiences, please subscribe to and view my channel for new lifestyle tips every week!

"Veronika is determined and motivated to help people that are struggling in certain areas of their lives because she has experienced similar struggles. She is realistic with goal setting and is sensitive to other people's stories. She has no problem being honest and vulnerable!"

- Valerie M. (C.C.C)

Canadian Certified Counsellor

"Since I've began working with Veronika, I've pursued education for something I've always wanted to do. In that time she has been a constant inspiration and motivation to me. She has helped me not only navigate bad situations, but she's helped me make tough decisions and led me to a thriving, abundant life. Trust her process!"

Emma K. (R.M.T)

Registered Massage Therapist

"I hired Veronika as a personal coach and then again as an executive coach. She knew exactly how to help me tackle my issues. I became a much better leader after doing sessions with her. We did a virtual session with my staff and they all enjoyed learning the many ways they could enjoy their workplace and adopt new attitudes. Would do it again 100%"

Jesse H. (C.O.O)

Chief Operating Officer

Who I've Worked With

Current Coaching Hours: 300+



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